APL. Let’s continue to compare the final Top 5 league tables, with our assumptions in April, before the final third of the season

APL. Let’s continue to compare the final Top 5 league tables, with our assumptions in April, before the final third of the season.

The English Premier League is one of the biggest events of the year, excluding the Champions League of course. This annual event attracts thousands of spectators both in the stadiums and on the other side of the screens. How the teams performed: let’s compare April and the 2022/2023 APL season finale with online casino and bookmaker https://betting24.in/ right now!

APL standings results for April

The 30th tournaments of April is the period of the APL when the clear leaders are already types, but the struggle between them is not a serious one, because potentially everyone can change the number of points. This is the period when there is still time to correct your blunders and get as many wins as possible in the remaining matches.

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How the top-4 teams (Champions League qualifiers) performed in April:

Arsenal – 1st place

At the end of April, Arsenal unexpectedly topped the standings. He fought quite confidently with the undisputed leader of the APL – Manchester City, at the end of the 34th round Arsenal had 75 points.

Manchester City – 2nd place

The confident leader of the APL faced a threat to the series of APL wins in the face of Arsenal, but confidently breathed in the back and caught up with the opponent. Manchester City had 73 points at the end of the 34th round, a small difference that later turned into a full-fledged overtaking, albeit not so big in the end.

Newcastle – 3rd place

The 2022/2023 season has shown itself to be a real dark horse! In recent years, the team has rarely broken through and into the top 10. However, in the already past season has shown itself perfectly. At the time of the beginning of May to the end of April Newcastle had 62 points!

Manchester United – 4th place

For Manchester United, being in the top 5 is not an uncommon and usual thing. If the team in some years and did not occupy the final of their top 4 and a ticket to the Champions League, but in the top six was definitely. The position for Manchester United is usual, you expect such a team to qualify for the Champions League.

APL 2022/2023 season finale

As expected, the four listed above remained so with Champions League clearance. However, there was still a change in the order.

Manchester City are the winners of the APL

So, his series of three victories was formalized for himself Manchester City with 89 points. This is a very strong team, which more than once took if not the place of the winner, then the medalist for sure. Quite interesting this season and the fact that the team has been working out new changes, which put in connection with the arrival of a new strong athlete – Erling Holann. And the bet played, according to the results of the APL Holann is the top scorer, who scored 36 goals in 38 matches APL 2022/2023. The bet on the athlete also played on the 2023 Champions League – Manchester City got the first place, also thanks to the new athlete.

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