Candy Smash VR: The New Virtual Reality Fruit Game to Play

Candy Smash VR is the new Virtual Reality fruit-themed game from the Wadup Games developer. It lets you indulge in your hacking and slashing desires within a vibrant and soft candy virtual reality world. Your task is to smash airborne candies and fruits using candy canes. Also, stay clear of troublesome time bombs, no matter what.

In this guide, I share my humble opinion of this game. In the second part, you will learn a few alternatives to Candy Smash VR. หวยออนไลน์

So, what’s my take on Candy Smash VR?

Well, let me share my thoughts. Imagine if I told you that Candy Smash VR is like Fruit Ninja VR, but with candy instead of fruit. However, I can’t spin tales, as in reality, Candy Smash VR seems to be mostly flinging fruit your way! It’s hard to ignore the truth that this game appears to be heavily inspired by Fruit Ninja, and unfortunately, it falls short in the gameplay department. With just one game mode, lacking a real sense of challenge, and carrying a price tag of £6.99, it becomes quite the tough confectionery to digest.

In my personal opinion, you might be better off relishing in the classic Fruit Ninja on your phone rather than investing in this VR imitation. It’s far from satisfying and definitely a better left-untouched treat.

Other Games like Candy smash VR

Fruit-based games have become incredibly popular over time. Here are some of the top ones that have grabbed the attention of players worldwide.

Fruit Blast Slot

Fruit Blast is a slot game by Skillzz Gaming. It’s not your typical slot machine. In this game, you can actually get hands-on. Your goal? To grab a jackpot that’s worth 1,000 times your bet.

Now, here’s the twist. Unlike regular slots with their 5 reels, Fruit Blast shakes things up with a 5×5 grid. It’s like a puzzle you’d find in many popular mobile games. All you need to do is spot three or more tiles that match, sitting right next to each other. You can play this one at Lottoland India.

Fruit Ninja

A true classic in fruit-themed gaming, Fruit Ninja keeps it simple yet hooks you in. Just swipe your finger to slice and dice various fruits while avoiding bombs. The sound of slicing fruits and the challenge of high scores make this a must-play for fruit fans.

Plants vs. Zombies

This game mixes strategy with fruity fun. Defend your garden from zombies by planting plants that shoot peas, watermelons, and other fruit-like projectiles. The quirky characters and addictive gameplay make Plants vs. Zombies a fruity adventure.

Fruit Crush Saga

Fruit Crush Saga adds a fruity twist to the popular candy-matching games. Match colourful fruits to clear levels and move ahead. With tons of levels and tricky puzzles, this game keeps you entertained.

Fruit Pop

For fast-paced, colourful action, try Fruit Pop. Tap and pop fruit groups to earn points and beat levels. The lively visuals, catchy music, and addictive gameplay make Fruit Pop a great choice for fruity fun.

Fruit Shoot

Test your aim with Fruit Shoot, a game challenging you to shoot arrows at hanging fruits. Aim right to progress through different levels. With various settings and increasing challenges, Fruit Shoot offers a fun fruit-themed challenge.

Fruit Mania

Go on a fruity adventure with Fruit Mania, a game mixing match-3 with fruit elements. Swap and match fruits to clear levels and advance. Fruit Mania’s vibrant look and countless levels guarantee endless fruity fun on your mobile.

Fruit Splash

Dive into the juicy world of Fruit Splash, a mobile game where you match fruits to clear levels. Fruit Splash keeps things exciting with different modes, power-ups, and special fruits. Its vivid graphics and addictive gameplay make it a refreshing choice on the go.

Fruit Ninja 2

The sequel to Fruit Ninja amps up the fruit-slicing fun on mobile. With better graphics, new modes, and multiplayer, Fruit Ninja 2 takes fruit-themed gaming to the next level. Challenge friends or players worldwide to show off your skills.

Fruit Blast

Solve fruity puzzles in Fruit Blast, a mobile game mixing match-3 with explosive power-ups. Match fruits, make combos, and clear levels to progress. Fruit Blast’s addictive play and lively visuals make it a fruity treat for mobile gamers.

These mobile fruit games offer easy entertainment and addictive play, perfect for gaming on the go.

Fruit-themed games for consoles and PCs

If you like playing games on big screens for a more immersive feel, you’ll enjoy fruit-themed games on consoles and PCs. Check out these top picks:

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 isn’t only about fruits; it has levels and challenges with a fruity twist. Play with friends or alone, cook meals that include fruit, and have a blast. The game’s teamwork and quirky characters give you a fresh gaming experience.

Fruit Ninja VR: Another Fruit Game in Virtual Reality

Step into Fruit Ninja VR to upgrade your fruit-slicing skills. In this virtual reality game, you’ll be in a 3D world slicing and dicing fruits. With easy controls and lifelike physics, Fruit Ninja VR gives you an exciting fruit-slicing gave this VR game a 7/10 score. So, this is a must play if you are a fan of both fruit games and virtual reality.

Conclusion and recommendations

Fruit-themed games like Candy Smash VR offer a refreshing and enjoyable gaming experience for players of all ages. Whether you’re a casual gamer looking for a quick fruity fix or a competitive enthusiast aiming for high scores, these games have something to offer.

Other alternatives like Fruit Ninja and Fruit Crush Saga make the world of fruity gaming diverse and vibrant.

So, which game is your favourite for this summer? Share your choices in the comments section.

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