History of Lucky Jet

What is Lucky Jet

On this page we will provide information about the online game Lucky Jet, available on the website of the betting company 1win. You will learn what the game is, how it was created, by what rules it can be played. We will also look at the advantages and disadvantages of Lucky Jet.

This is an online game for real money, which is available to users of the website of the betting company 1 win. Its meaning is to predict how far Lucky Joe will fly away on his jetpack. The mechanics is simple – the main character takes off on the runway, at which time the betting odds increase with each passing moment. The player needs to collect his winnings before Joe flies off into space.

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The bets are triggered in different ways. Any odds from 1.00 to infinity are possible. Winning odds are broken down by color:

Blue – 1.00-1.99;
Purple – 2,00-9,99;
Orange – 10,00 and more.

Earning on the game can be done in different ways too. Many gamblers try to develop unique author’s strategies, someone uses time-tested mathematically tactics from casino and sports betting. Currently, the game is only available on the 1-win site. On other platforms you can see analogs under different names, but with similar mechanics. At 1win, this product is original and is unique among all gaming platforms.

History of creation

The game Lucky Jet appeared not very long ago – it is less than 5 years old. But its popularity is gaining serious proportions every day. If earlier online you could see up to a hundred bets, then since 2023 Lucky Jet gathers a large audience – more than 1000 bets within one round. There is no information about the idea of creating this game in the network, the developers also prefer not to comment on this story.

Advantages and disadvantages of Lucky Jet

The most obvious plus of the game is the possibility of real earnings. Lucky Jet gives you the opportunity to win money, and in large quantities. Of course, there are situations when the odds are 1.00 and 1.01, but there are also a series of purple bets mixed with orange ones. And you can win with big odds. In the history of the game has been different – you can win with odds of 100.00, 500.00. Also gamblers won with odds of 1000, 10 000 and even 60 000.

Another advantage is the simplicity of the game. You only need to press two buttons that accept the bet and take your winnings, watching the flight of the main character. At the same time you can make two bets at the same time. We will also emphasize the possibility to make bets automatically – just enter the amount and check the “Auto Bet” function. Next to it you can find another useful option – “Auto Withdraw”. It will protect you from possible browser slowness and lags in the game when accepting bets.

The minuses include frequent errors in the game. Lucky Jet is imperfect in this respect. There are two types of errors. The first one is when accepting bets. Sometimes it happens that when you press the button to place a bet, the funds are deducted from your account, but you can not take your winnings. In this case it is just “Auto Withdrawal” that saves. If the flight reaches the right odds, the bet will be calculated as a win.

The second error is a systemic phenomenon in which there is a glitch with the calculation of the bet. You can easily see it – the flight starts with the odds of 2.00 or higher, also bets are sometimes calculated without a graphical flight and ahead of schedule. At such moments it is better to leave the game and come back after some time.


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