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Top 10 Punjabi Singer: Net Worth, Biography

Sidhu Moose Wala:

Indian artist, lyricist, politician and actor Sidhu Moose Wala, who primarily works in the Punjabi music industry, was founded on June 11, 1993 in the village of Musa, Punjab. Moosewala’s full name was Subhdeep Singh Sidhu. He received his early education in the Mansa district. To further his education, he enrolled Ludhiana’s guru Nanak Engineering College. So in 2016 he got his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering. Rapper Tupac Shakur has influenced Moose Wala from an early age.

Sidhu Moose Wala

In his sixth grade, he became interested in hip-hop music. He later studied music with Harvinder Bitu in Ludhiana. After receiving his diploma, he moved to Brampton, Ontario, Canada. He started working as a lyricist for the famous song “License”. sung by a ninja Sidhu Moose Wala started his singing career with ‘Zee Vegan’. He then collaborated with the Brown Boys on several singles. He has also performed many live shows in Canada.

In 2018 he returned to India and started working in the Punjabi music sector. In his debut his song “So High” he celebrated worldwide success. His debut album PBX 1, released after him, reached number 66 on Billboard’s Canadian Albums Chart. After the album’s success, he began self-releasing his music. His song “47” also reached England. single chart. According to The Guardian, one of his 50 emerging musicians for 2020 is his Sidhu. He made his acting debut in the Punjabi film Yes I Am Student directed by his production company Jatt Life Studios. He starred in films like Terimeri Jodi and Guna in 2019 and 2020 respectively. He has appeared in Punjabi films such as Jattan Da Munda Gaun Lagya and Moosa Jatt.

Babbu Maan:

Babbu Maan, the only Punjabi singer who sings his own lyrics in his own great music. Babbu Maan is widely famous for his distinctive music and lyrics; at present he is one of the great Punjabi singers who has given a new trend to Bhangra Music. His sad songs are incredibly touching and urbane with the synchronized Punjabi music, as that no one else could create. Now he is entrenched Punjabi pop singer, composer, lyricist, playback singer and actor as well.

Babbu Maan

Babbu Maan (born Tejinder Singh Maan on March 29) is a Punjabi singer-songwriter, actor, and producer. Born in the village of Khant Maanpur in the Fatehgarh Sahib District of Punjab, India Babbu Maan has been very fond of playing music since his childhood, singing on stage for the first time during a school function in his village school at the age of seven. He would see everything through the eyes of a musician, even turning cooking pans into musical instruments as he created rhythmic sounds. He learned how to write lyrics, while at school (Panjab University, Chandigarh) when he was about 16. After college, he started singing and composing music. He is one of the few singers who writes his own lyrics for all his songs. He sang for Mavi music recording studio and recorded his first album when he was only 23.

Karan Aujla:

Karan Aujla is a Punjabi singer and songwriter active in the Punjabi music industry. He was born on 18th January 1997 into a Sikh family in Ghurala village, Ludhiana, Punjab. His height he is 5 feet 9 inches. Balwinder Singh is his father’s name and Rajinder Kaur is his mother’s name. Karan lives in Canada with his two sisters. Jaskaran Singh Aujla is the real name of Karan Aujla.

Karan Aujla

Karan’s father died in a car accident and his mother died of cancer a few years later when he was nine years old. Karan and his sisters later moved to Canada. Karan’s father worked in a cooperative and writing was his hobby, so he started writing. Aujla met Jassi Gill at a wedding while studying in ninth grade and she provided him with the lyrics to the song “Range” sung by Jassi. He attended Burnaby High School and worked as a docker in Surrey, British Columbia.

In 2014, he released his first single with Mac Benipal, “Cell Phone,” which was a commercial failure, with only a few thousand views. A few years later he met his Deep Jandu and Elly Mangat and started working together in their Toronto studio. Aujla was attacked in Surrey, Canada in June 2019. Interpol arrested gangster He Sukhpreet Budda in November 2019 and claimed responsibility for the attack.

Karan Aujla married his girlfriend Palak in 2019. Karan tattooed her mother’s name on her chest, her father’s name on her arm, and later freedom fighters Bhagat Singh and Udam Singh on her left arm.

In interviews, he expressed his desire to work with American rapper 50 Cent and Canadian rapper Drake. Karan Aujla said in 2020 he wrote the biggest hits of Diljit Dosanjh’s ‘G.O.A.T.’ album and achieved great commercial success.

Amrit Maan:

Amrit Maan is a Punjabi film and music singer, songwriter and actor from India. He rose to prominence after releasing his debut album Desi Da Drum in 2015. Also known for his debut album ‘Channa Mereya’.

Amrit Maan is a Punjabi singer, composer and actor, known for his work in the Punjabi film and music industry. He was born on 10th June 1992 into a Sikh family in Gonianamandi, Bathinda, Punjab. Maan was educated at Bathinda.

Amrit Maan:

Swami Vivekanand Institute of Technology, Ramnagar, Banur, Mohali awarded him M.Tech in Software Engineering. He was a typical college student who always wanted to work in the entertainment industry. During his school days, Amrit participated in extracurricular activities and participated in the institution’s annual festivals by anchoring, dancing and singing.

He writes a lot, and at the recommendation of his friends, he sang it at his class reunion and got a standing ovation. That’s when he decided to make a career out of it. Amrit Maan is part of a Sikh family. His parents are teachers and she has a younger brother.

Amrit Maan began his career as a lyricist in 2014 when he wrote the lyrics for Nachhatar Gill’s Punjabi song “Singh.” In the same year, he composed the lyrics for Diljit Dosanjh’s song “Jatt Fire Karda,” which brought him widespread acclaim. With the song “Desi Da Drum,” he made his singing debut in 2015.

Within a few hours after its debut, the song had surpassed a million likes. Following that, he released Punjabi songs such as “Muchh Te Mashook,” “Kaali Camaro,” “Shikaar,” “Peg Di Waashna,” and “Trending Nakhra.” In 2017, he collaborated with Jasmine Sandlas on the song “Bamb Jatt.” He made his acting debut in the film “Channa Mareya” the same year.

Diljit Dosanjh:

Diljit Dosanjh was born on January 6, 1984 into a Sikh family in Dosanjh Kalan, a small village in Phillaur tehsil of the Jalandhar district in the Indian state of Punjab. His mother, Scwinder Kaur, works as a housewife and his father Balbir Singh was once employed by Punjab Roadways. He has an older sister and a younger brother.

His upbringing was not very privileged. He came from a poor family and his father worked as a bus driver. At Dosanj Karan, he spent the first few years of his adolescence until his family moved to Ludhiana. He attended the Shri Guru Harkrishan primary school in Ludhiana for his elementary education. He completed his secondary education at his Almanar public school and earned a high school diploma. Diljit began his musical career at an early age and soon became a popular performer for the gurudwaras of the region. He claims that being able to play and sing with these gurdwaras was a means of fulfilling his ambitions in his youth.

Diljit Dosanjh

The beginning of his lifelong passion for music can be traced back to his school days. He was a frequent performer singing kirtan and other religious songs. Diljit made his debut in the music industry in 2004 with the song “Ishq Da Uda Ada” in his series division. The same year, his second studio album titled ‘Dill’ was released on the same record label. His third album, produced by Sukhpal Sukh and titled Smile, gave him a much-needed break in the business. This record received a lot of positive feedback.

In 2009, four albums were released at once, including “Dancing with me”, “Bhaga Singh”, “No Stress” and “Power of Duets”. Since then, the Punjabi singer has come a long way and has no plans to stop anytime soon. entered the industry. His track “lakk 28 kudi da” was also a huge success worldwide, except that the movie itself monopolized the box office. Both rapper and singer Honey Singh featured on the track.

Famous films like ‘Sardaarji’, ‘Jatt and Julia’ and ‘Punjab 1984’ are his one of his most famous works. Diljit quickly found his way into Bollywood through his work with Yo Yo His Honey His Singh, who is currently one of the most famous artists in the industry. A partnership with Yo Yo Honey Singh helped him get started.

In 2016, he made his debut in the Hindi film industry by releasing his first film titled ‘Udta Punjab’ co-starring Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. He also provided his voice for the track “Ik Kudi” included in this film. His next Hindi film was titled His Pillauri and starred Suraj Sharma and his Anushka Sharma. In 2018, he appeared in two films, Welcome to New York and Soma, both of which were financial disappointments at the box office. Most recently, he starred in the Bollywood film Arjun Patiala which, like his last film, was a box office and commercial failure.

Jass Manak:

JASS MANAK is a Punjabi singer and songwriter working in the Punjabi music industry. He was born on 12th February 1999 in Bhakhriana, Jalandhar, Punjab. He is about 173cm tall. He attended Hemkunt Public School in Jalandhar and graduated from Punjab University in Patiala. His father is a teacher and his mother is a housewife.

Jass Manak has his own YouTube channel. He has over 250,000 of his YouTube subscribers and joined the platform on May 3, 2019. However, he prefers to release songs through his own label, Geet MP3. His latest song, “Shopping,” got him over 500,000 views in three hours. Prada is the most viewed song on YouTube. He has released many songs throughout his career, but not all music videos are available on YouTube. Gal Sun, Vaih, Rabb Wangu, Shoot Da Order, Girlfriend, Tere Mere Viah, Chehra Tera, Boss are among his songs available on YouTube.

Jass Manak

Jas wanted to be a singer since childhood, so he started taking singing lessons at an early age and became a professional singer at an early age. Jass Manak started his singing career in 2017 with the single “U-Turn”. He released his With You in 2018, but rose to fame with his song Prada, one of his most streamed hits in India.

In 2019, he released the album Age 19 and performed songs by Rabb Wangu and Bandook in the Punjabi film Sikandar 2. His single “Lehanga” debuted at number 22 on his global charts and at number 5 on his YouTube music weekly charts in India respectively. Manak has also become one of Punjab’s most watched artists on YouTube. He received his 500 million streams on his Gaana app.

Gippy Grewal:

Gippy Grewal is a Punjabi musician, actor, filmmaker and producer working in the Punjabi film and music industry. He was born on January 2, 1983 in Ludhiana city, Punjab, India.

He attended Nankana Sahib Public School in Ludhiana before enrolling at the North India Institute of Hotel Management in Panchkula to complete a degree in Hotel Management. Gippy had a strong passion for music from his youth. During his school days, he often attended singing and bhangra events.

Gippy Grewal

Gippy graduated from hotel management and worked in a hotel before going to Delhi. During his time there he released his debut album, which was not well received by his audience. Gippy Grewal hails from a Sikh family. Gippy Grewal is a film director, actor, musician, cinematographer and songwriter in the Punjabi and Bollywood film industry. In 2004, his track Phulkari set many milestones in the Punjabi music industry.

In 2010, he made his screen debut in the movie “Mel Karade Lava”. In 2011, he won the PTC Best Actor Award for his outstanding performance in Jihne Mera Dil Luteya. In 2016, he came to ban Kaptaan after the movie Farrar, his Chakkh Lai from Aman Hayer’s album was his debut single. His 2012 hit song ‘Angreji Beat’ was frequently used in the Bollywood movie ‘Cocktail’.

Honey Singh:

Yo Yo Honey Singh is an Indian music director, songwriter, indie pop singer, rapper, record producer and film actor. Honey Singh is a world famous figure. His real name is Hildesh Singh. He also started producing Bhangra music and music for Bollywood movies.

Hirdesh Singh was born on March 15, 1983 into a Sikh family in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India. He is originally from Delhi, India and currently resides with his family in DLF City, Gurgaon, Haryana. He completed his education at Guru Nanak Public School in Punjab His Bagh, New Delhi. After school, he studied music at Trinity School in London, England.

Honey Singh he married Shalini Talwar Singh in March 2011. He first introduced his wife to the audience on the television show Indian Roasters. They are very closed, clingy and in love with each other.

Honey Singh

Honey Singh started her career in 2005 by directing the album Peshi with her Bill Singh. However, he rose to fame with the release of his November 11, 2011 album International Villager. All tracks on the album became popular, but the track “Garu” scored him No. 1 on the Asian Music Charts and his BBC’s Asia Official Charts.

After that, he provided numerous hit songs and albums. Desi Kalakaar (2014), Lak 28 Kudi Da (2011), Brown rang (2011), High Heels (2012), Break Up Party (2012), This Party Gettin’ Hot (2012) . ), Blue Eyes (2013), Recently released Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha (2019) including Dheere Dheere (2015), Urvashi (2016) and Makhna (2016)

He has also sung in Hindi films such as Cocktail, Son of Sardaar, Khiladi 786, Race 2, Chennai Express, Boss, Kick, Gabbar is Back, Sonu Ke Titu ki Sweety and recently released Jabariya Jodi, Jhootha Kahin ka.

Honey Singh loves acting and has acted in films such as Xpose, Zorawar, Mirza, Tu Mera 22 Mein Tera 22. Honey Singh prefers to sing in their native languages ​​Punjabi and Hindi over English.

In 2012 Honey Singh also released news of an incident in Punjab where vulgar lyrics of his songs were taken and in 2014 he got into a fight with singer Raftaar. Honey Singh was rumored to be undergoing rehab in Chandigarh for drug addiction. In late 2014, Singh disappeared from the music scene for nearly two years due to his bipolar disorder.

Honey Singh has worked hard in his music career and today is peaking . He has won numerous awards during his career. He won his 2006 ETC Award for Best Sound for the song “Glassi” and his 2009 PTC Award for Best Folk Pop for the album Rebirth. From 2010 to 2012, he won the PTC Punjab Best Musical Director Award 3 times and the PTC Punjab Film Award 2 times.

He also won the UK Asian Music Awards-Best International Album 2012 for the album his album I.V. (International Villager) and the MTV VMAI Awards-Best Indie Artist (Male) 2013 for the song “Brown Rang”. MTV EMA Awards – Best India Act 2013 for “Take Me Back”

Guru Randhawa:

Guru Randhawa, also known as Gursharanjot Singh Randhawa, is a successful singer and songwriter from Punjab, India. He was born on 30th August 1991 in Noorpur, Gurdaspur District, Punjab, India and is 31 years old.

Guru Randhawa works primarily in the Punjabi music industry. He rose to fame with his song High Rated Gabru, which has over 595 million views on YouTube. In 2013, he released his first album Page One, making his singing debut with Chad Gee. His first song was The Same Girl written in 2012. Some of his famous Guru Randhawa songs include “Ban Ja Rani, Lagdi Hai Thai, Suit Suit, Taare, AK 47, Patola, Outfit, Fashion, Khat, I Like You & Southall”. etc.

Guru Randhawa

When Guru was in school, he always wanted to be a singer and participated in school singing competitions. He started learning music by watching TV and listening to famous singers. He continued to practice music, but his primary desire was to finish his education.

Guru Randhawa has performed many stage performances in India and abroad. He also became famous for his track Patra (2015), a single with Bohemia. Guru Randhawa completed his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from his IIPM (Indian Planning and Management Institute) in New Delhi, India.

He did MBA, but his first love is singing and he has been practicing music for over 15 years. After completing his studies, he decided to pursue his passion.

Guru Randhawa’s writing and singing debut was Same Girl (2012). He later came up with another track, “Chad Gayi”, which gained him more fans. Famous songs of Guru Randhawa include ‘Patola’, ‘Khat, Outfit’, ‘Yaar Mod Do’, ‘Tu Meri Rani’, ‘Suit Lahore’, ‘High Rated Gabru’, ‘Yaar Mod Do’, ‘Suit Suit”, etc.

Guru also has his Page One album to his credit. In 2017, he made his Bollywood debut in the movie ‘Hindi Medium’ star Irrfan His Khan, the song was a remake of his song ‘Suit Suit’. In 2017, he appeared in ‘T-Series Mix Tape’ with singer Kanika Kapoor and recorded a mashup of ‘Ambarsariya’ and ‘Suit Suit’. Guru also performed at the opening ceremony of his IPL.

Hardy Sandhu:

Hardy Sandhu is an Indian singer, actor and former cricketer. He came to limelight with the Punjabi song ‘Sock’. Hardy Sandhu was born in Patiala, Punjab on September 6, 1986 (age 36 as of 2022). His zodiac sign is Virgo. His hometown is Chandigarh. He was interested in cricket since childhood and wanted to make a career in it. Hardy Sandu was also interested in music from an early age and he started singing as his hobby when he was four years old. Makes his debut at his uncle’s wedding.

Hardy Sandhu

Originally he wanted to be a cricketer, but he had to give up cricket due to an injury. This injury changed his life. He played for the U19 cricket team and the Punjabi lunge team. Hardy Sandhu made his acting debut in the 2014 Punjabi film Yaaranda Ketchup. He made his singing debut in 2012 with Tequila Shot. Before that he was driving a taxi in Australia. He completed his schooling at DAV Public School in Patiala.

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