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SCAM 1992 (Harshad Mehta) Web Series – India Most Popular Series.

SCAM 1992 (Harshad Mehta) Web Series – India Most Popular Web Series.

Biography :-

Full Name –Harshad Shantilal Mehta (Stock Broker)
Birthplace –Kendivali Mumbai
Date of Birth –29 July 1954
Date of Death –31 December 2001
Wife/ Spouse –Jyoti Mehta (House wife)
Son –Atur Mehta
Brother –Ashwin Mehta (Lawyer)
Father –Shantilal Mehta (Was Businessman)
Mother –Rasilaben Mehta (was House wife)
Hometown –Mumbai
Religion –Hindu/Jain/Gujarati
Nationality –Indian
Favorite Game –Cricket
Harshad Mehta –The King of Share Market & Money Market
Problems –Due to Froud in SBI

This web series is all about harshad mehta (Popular Stock Broker in 1990). In this web series a normal person has a dream to become a most famous person in share market world. And he started to doing a job in this share market field for learning new things in this business.

After learning all things he said that if we use our mind to making profit of others, then why we cant use our mind for ourself.

And then his statement was going in his mind and he quit his job. and start his business in stock market.

When he quit his job and start his business in stock market, he buy some shares and invest 10 lakh rupees in mumbai for alwar pharma company. and he loses his money . after that his trading account was blocked and his father cover his lose to sell house jewelry.

And then again his trading account open but before this his father had done death. But he never give up and start again to invest money and making client to make money.

Then he arrange some money and start his consultancy which name is “GrowMore”. In this company many workers work. and work for making profit for harshad mehta. And his partners were his brother Ashwin Mehta and other is his job friend Bhushan.

And then his named was Bull in public. And then he grow more in share market and one day his gone in a party with his friend Pranav and meet a person which name is ajay kedia which is very popular in money market with the help of kedias family and city bank. and harshad want to talk ajay kedia but ajay kedia dont want to talk him due to her middle man or low position.

Then he started to grow in money market also. he contact to city bank but he reject harshad. then he thought that he should be go to india banks. and he went to many small banks in india like canera bank, baroda bank etc. but he want to grow more in money market also, and beat ajay kedia and some others.

And then he contact to SBI Bank to invest some money with him and sbi team was ready to invest with harshad. and then Harshad became the most popular face in share market and money market both.

One day he need 500 Crore for giving money his client and he hasnt money to invest on client but he need to give money because he took money to his client. So he contact to sbi Br. and tell him to give 500 cr urgent. then Br give money to harshad.

But due to some problems harshad cant give back oney to sbi and also didnt give security or bank reciept. and this news is going to kedia ears and he palnning to pull down harshad so he planned to out this news in market. so he contact to a friend which is worked in sbi. and his friend which is worked in sbi is went to Suchita Dalal (Times Of India), and tell her to all froud of sbi money.

Then after some struggle suchita dalal out this news in market that bull froud in sbi for 500 crore. but she didnt mention harshad name. after that harshad should return the amount in sbi . but he hadnt any amount to give them.

He contact to Swami Om and tell him to arrange money, and he arranged money through the help of UTI (United Trust Of India). Mr fervani give him money to return to sbi. but this news also out in market .

After that harshad is going to Jail. and Fervani has dead due to this problem. and after some days suchita married to someone. but at another way harshad was going to face many problems.

After some months harshad bail was released and then he wanted to start again but his one partner Bhushan has doing a mistake, he selled 27 crore shares in market at low budget, and due to this harshad agin going to Jail. and then at that day harshad had heart attack and he was dead.

All of that after harshad Brother ashwin became Lawyer and face all of the things which are did with his brother and fight with all rules and close the case in 2019.

I think Harshad was best and this world cant handle that great man.

Rest In Peace Harshad Mehta.

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